Personal Eye System (PES)

“Stop, Look, Listen, and Smell” (SLLS)
…it’s about time to change!

Personal Eye System is a personal tracking, navigation and data sharing application aimed at soldiers, police, security forces, emergency services and others that need topographic navigation, tracking, blue force tracking, and common operational picture sharing.  PES was designed by the active soldiers, as a substitute for a traditional GPS receiver, paper map and a mobile phone.

Concept of operation

It is designed to operate on an Android platform and uses global positioning system, and other device sensors for acquiring own position. This position is then displayed on raster map. PES uses raster maps, are which for topographic navigation. It does not offer turn by turn navigation per se, such as Garmin or other navigation devices that rely on a road network data. PES can use online public maps (Yahoo, Google, Open Street Maps etc.), Online WMS maps (usually provided by internal GIS departments), offline maps stored on the device in TMS (tiled format), or offline cached maps stored while browsing online maps. Ability to use offline or cached offline maps comes very handy in areas with no 3G coverage or when cost of data transfer is a limiting factor.

PES can share POI (point of interest), own position, routes, targets, reference points etc. with other PES devices connected to the Mobile Network. This data can be shared over the 3G network, or SMS messaging, when 3G service is not available. PES Server consists of a COP sharing database, WMS map server, and a user registration and management WEB interface, where users can manage COP sharing groups, administer accounts etc.

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