“Battle Eye System” considered for Slovenian LBBG

Keeping efforts throughout the world, the Slovene Light Battalion Battle Group (LBBG) is nearing completion of a rigorous course of training and readiness.  The LBBG, consisting of 1,100 soldiers, represents one-eighth of Slovenia’s standing army and is the largest deployment the Slovenian Armed Forces have conducted outside of their borders.


This December, Battle Eye System completed first round of trials in a heterogeneous multi-platform environment of the LBBG, integrating  three different combat nets, and three different vehicle platforms including the well known Kobra CBRN, and Patria vehicles along with older Valuk 6×6 APCs.

Addition of a state of the art C4I systems, as a true force multiplier would significantly increase combat capabilities, enable easier integration into NATO  rapid reaction force.

Since 2007, Slovenian troops have trained with U.S. and multinational troops in Germany to prepare for a variety of missions.   Future joint training will continue to emphasize a professional and expeditionary mindset concentrating on Special Forces units, logistics, combat medicine, and other skill sets needed by Slovene forces currently engaged in NATO missions abroad.

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S&T Defence complete support in Kosovo

Kosovo After 7 months, S&T Defence successfully completed 6×6 Valuk vehicles maintenance  and upgrade with deployed troops in Kosovo.

Latest upgrades will lend SAF greater flexibility in integration of Valuk vehicles into national C4I system, thus increasing survive ability in the battlefield.

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Military attaches visits S&T Defence

Military attaches accredited to Slovenia, who are attending a regular round of consultations, payed a visit to S&T defence. They showed a lot of interest in C4I and training and simulation products produced by the S&T. A CBRN Cobra vehicle from Slovenian Armed Forces was also on display at S&T defence as a showcase of joint integration effort with the EM.Tronic company.

Attaches visits S&T

S&T Defence, would like to thank all the attending attaches and the MOD for attending, and organizing this wonderful meeting.


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Combined Endeavor 2013

crest CE13Yet another Combined Endeavor exercise ended as a huge success for Slovenian Armed Forces, and S&T defence. S&T defence demonstrated a continuous line of digital command link from a single vehicle in a motorized platoon to a coalition brigade. Not only that SAF ensured NFFI hub and gateway capability for it’s mission group, but brought a VBS2 simulated 8×8 AMV vehicle to participate in the scenarios. Check out the photos at the EUCOM site, or watch the Combined Endeavor 2013 promotional video on YOUTUBE.

COMBINED ENDEAVOR is Europe’s preeminent Command, Control, Communications, and Computer systems exercise preparing international forces for multinational operations.

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Bulgarian forces eyes S&T products

Bulgaria demoS&T defence demonstrated rapid deployment capabilities of COMMS2 -combat net radio integration suite, along with the BES – Battle Eye System, and a JTAC trainer in Bulgarian 34750 unit in Karlovo. The army was so impressed with the results, they let our Bulgarian partner publish complete test description along personal acknowledgement of achievements. You can read full report HERE.

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Video from Partner 2013 fair in Serbia

partner 2013Here is a video presentation of S&T defence booth at Partner 2013 arms fair in Belgrade, Serbia. If you missed the wonderful show in Belgrade, or didn’t have time to visit the S&T booth, watch the video by clicking on the image, or follow THIS link to the S&T defence youtube channel.

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Partner Fair, Belgrade

See us on Partner Fair, Belgrade – 25.6 – 28.6.2013

Partner13Partner – International Fair of Defense Systems and Equipment, traditionally in Belgrade, in June 2013, will be the opportunity for business networking of the exhibitors and visitors, for demonstration of technological achievements and exchange of knowledge.

Visit us in main hall, and attend live demonstrations of S&T defence Forward Observer trainer and full range of C2 software, hardware and tools. For more information and/or time slot reservation on fair, please contact S&T defense staff.

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PES gains popularity

PES on Google PlayCivilian version of S&T’s Personal Eye System, the dismounted soldier programme software, is gaining momentum in Android Google Play shop. It’s a fantastic application, and gives a good insight about superb usability of the full military version.

We truly believe that Android platform will gain even stronger position in the defence industry, as rugged devices are getting cheaper, and widely available.


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S&T C2/C1 software featured in media

China visitSlovenia’s Prime Minister Janez Janša met visiting Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie in Ljubljana on Wednesday, January 10, 2013.. During the meeting, Janša said his country regarded China as its strategic cooperation partner and highly values its cooperation with China on defense and military.

S&T defence (BES) Battle Eye System, and Personal Eye System (PES), were used during capabilities demonstration of Slovenian Armed Forces during that visit. Watch Slovenian news video, featuring Brigade Command Post with TOC (Tactical Operations Center) running Systematic SitaWare along the S&T C2/C1 software.

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Personal Eye System

PES IP67Personal Eye System is now available in bundle with IP67 devices!

Personal Eye System is a personal tracking, navigation and data sharing application aimed at soldiers, police, security forces, emergency services and others that need topographic navigation, tracking, blue force tracking, and common operational picture sharing.  PES was designed by the active soldiers, as a substitute for a traditional GPS receiver, paper map and a mobile phone.

Grab FREE civilian demo version from Google Play!
Google Play

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